Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to pay to create and run my job board?

A: TackPost job boards are FREE. You can run your job board without any fees for up to 100 active jobs per month.

Q: Is my job board data secure?

A: We implement SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on your * sub-domain which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between TackPost's server and your browser. This link ensures that all data passed between our server and your browser remains private and free from prying eyes.

Q: Do I need to install any additional software to use my job board?

A: No. All you need is a browser and internet to access and run your job board.

Q: How can I start posting jobs on my job board?

A: You need to add your list of Categories and Cities to be able to start posting jobs in your job board. If you are an Admin, you can post jobs from the Admin panel. If you are a user visiting the site, you can post a job by click the Post a Job button, next to the Search bar.

Q: How long will my jobs be active?

A: By default, all active jobs are deactivated after 30 days. In the activation email sent to job posters, an Expiry date is included to let you know when your job will expire. The job site admin, however, can set a different days of expiration.

Admin Panel

Q: Can I add more Admin Users to my job board?

A: You can create additional Admin users by going to Manage -> Admin Users

Q: How can I add my list of Categories?

A: You can configure your Categories by going to Manage -> Categories.

Q: How can I add my list of Cities?

A: You can configure your Cities by going to Manage -> Cities.

Q: How can I edit my About, Contact, Terms and Privacy pages?

A: You can edit your pages by going to Manage -> Site Pages.

Q: Can I customize my job board's look and feel? Add my own CSS or change the Search bar's placeholder text?

A: When you log in to your job board, go to Settings to see the elements of your job board that you can customize.

Q: I have a bunch of jobs saved in spreadsheet, can I upload them to my job board?

A: You can bulk upload jobs by going to Manage -> Bulk Job Upload. You need to follow the prescribed CSV format in order for your jobs to be uploaded. If your file is an Excel, simply convert it to a CSV format then upload the file.

Q: I am getting spammed by a certain IP address or Email, is there a way to block this from accessing my job board?

A: You can ban an IP address or Email by going to Manage -> Ban List. This will prevent anyone in that IP address or having the Email from visiting your site, posting a job, subscribing to email notifications and applying from any jobs.

Q: I want to set a different Expiry Days for my job board, how can I change the default 30 days?

A: Go to Admin -> Settings and look for the "Expires" option. You can select from the options or select "Never expire" if you do not want your jobs to expire at all. Note that this setting is not retro-active, and applies only on the date and time the job is posted. When you change this setting, the new expiry days will only apply to new jobs posted after the change is saved.

PRO Features

Q: How can I remove TackPost's branding?

A: When a job board has subscribed to remove TackPost's branding, TackPost link will no longer appear in that job board's footer.

Q: How can I use my own custom domain or sub-domain?

A: When a job board has Custom Domain feature enabled, the job board admin can set his domain or sub-domain's DNS A Record to point to TackPost's IP address and request to load the job board in that domain/sub-domain. You will still be able to access your * job board URL at anytime as well.

NOTE: Custom domain/sub-domain does not automatically have SSL encryption (only the original job board's URL * sub-domain will have SSL by default.) We can however setup SSL for your custom domain/sub-domain using Let's Encrypt for a one-time setup fee. Contact us at for more information.

Q: How does Email Subscription work?

A: When a job board has Email Subscription feature enabled, users will be able to subscribe to a specific Category or City and confirm the subscription via Email. Once subscription is confirmed, user will start receiving email notifications whenever a job is posted that matches their subscription.

Notice on Use of Email Subscription feature

TackPost reserves the right to deactivate the Email Subscription feature on any account without notice when the email subscription for that account has very high bounce rate and compromises our Email Deliverability Reputation. Furthermore, we reserve the right to routinely clean up and remove bounced emails automatically from an account's subscribers list.

Q: Can I download a list of all the subscribers in my job board?

A: Yes, as long as you have Email Subscription feature enabled. Go to Manage -> Subscribers and click Download Subscribers List button.

Q: How does Online Job Application work?

A: When a job board has Online Job Application feature enabled, users will be able to apply to jobs using an online application form. The poster of that job will receive the user's application via Email along with the file the user has attached (if any.) Job board admins will also be able to access the applications sent through their job boards.

Q: How does PayPal Payments when posting a job work?

A: When a job board has PayPal Payments feature enabled and the admin has configured the required PayPal account email, Job Amount and a Featured Amount, users will be able to post a job and pay to activate the job via PayPal. User will be redirected to PayPal and once payment is confirmed, the job will automatically be posted in the job board.


Q: How do I subscribe to these PRO features?

A: When you log in to your job board, go to Settings to see the features you can subscribe to.

Q: What is the subscription period of PRO features?

A: Subscriptions are all in monthly basis.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: You may cancel your PRO features subscription anytime by going to your PayPal account and following the Cancellation instruction. Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be billed on your next subscription billing cycle.

Q: Can I request a refund?

A: TackPost is a software-as-a-service provider so we do not provide refunds. When you cancel after a payment is made for that subscription cycle, you will not be issued a refund. However, you will no longer be billed on your next subscription cycle.